Immigrants’ roots

It  is a fascinating idea to be able to discover where one’s family come from and what they went through to settle down in the U.S

 To discover roots and history of a family is not given to anyone. Jerry Seinfeld  traced the history of his family that arrived at Ellis Island from Stanislau, part of Austria. His grand-father lived in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan.


Federal Court

I thought this article might be interesting since we were talking about immigration in the last class and I was saying how ALL immigration/ deportation cases in up in federal court

Should children of New York City be the one’s who pay the price of the requested buget cuts?

This morning The New York Times ‘ Julie Bosman has reported that with about $83 million in budget cuts New York City’s child welfare agency has people who are interested in child welfare afraid that recent improvements in the agency, including reduced caseloads, could be threatened. In order to please Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s requests the Administration for Children’s Services are prepared to reduce preventive servies, a 5% cuts in fees to foster care agencies who have contracts with the city and lay off more than 550 employees. The cuts would be some of the most severe reductions in the agencies history since it was created as a stand alone department in 1996. This is sure to lead it issues since the number of child abuse and neglect grew in 2008 to 65, 856 from 63,434 in 2007.

With all these people getting laid off and caseloads per investigator most likely going back up after they were able to bring it down to 12 from 21. The number of children who will fall to risk of abuse and neglect with definitly go back up. So they question is are you okay with the city buget cuts, threatening the Administration of Children’s Services ability to protect children of the city?

Here is the full article.


Here is a story that reports about one person and what she does in a particular community, but shows a larger picture on different issues.

Judith Sloan uses performing arts in an International high school as a requirement. The students perform and expose their immigration experience.

Not only does this article refer  to education, local budget cuts and the repercussion on local non-profit organizations – it depicts immigration as a story where one does not have to think side, in my opinion.

African Americans in NYC


I’ve finally decided what my last article will be for the semester: the  story to a single parent of 3 who is on the edge of losing her home in South Jamaica, Queens. I’ll leave her name as unknown until the article is complete. Here is some background I’ve found:

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NYC Art Museum Bruised By The Economy…

Ouch. It’s true folks. The current state of the economy has affected our art museums here in New York City. Particularly the Met. According to an article published in the April 2009 issue of the Art Newspaper, the Met is among the art museums hurting financially around the U.S. The article states that the museum has already closed eight of its 23 stores nationwide and plans to cut $10 million in staff reductions. It is also stated that the Met plans to cut more staff by July 1, which further shows that they don’t see conditions improving financially in the near future. The article is a good update on how the popular art museums in the U.S are responding to the ongoing economic crisis.

2.5 million NYC non-smokers have high cotinine levels

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said that approximately 2.5 million non-smoking New Yorkers have high amounts of a nicotine by-product called cotinine in their blood due to second-hand smoke exposure. While cotinine itself is not initially dangerous, toxins in second hand smoke can lead to health problems including cancer. The study attributes New York’s population density as a reason for the (57%) with increased cotiene levels in comparison to that of the United States (45%). Since this is the first time blood tests have been used for the study in New York City, it is hard to tell if there was an increase or decrease over time. The data was published in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research
As a non-smoker, I avoid standing by those who smoke, but the press release said that even on sidewalks and subway entrances, second hand smoke is still breathed in regardless. In a perfect world, all people will give up smoking, so bystanders won’t have to hold their breath in fear of inhaling nicotine byproducts. Until then, a middle ground should be met.