Inspiring Change in the LGBT Community

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg said he was going to push for the state legislature to allow gay marriage in New York.

Coincidentally, Bloomberg chose to make the announcement at a gala dinner hosted by the LGBT Center. Could he be doing it to make himself look better? Possibly. You can’t put anything past the man, after all. Sen. Chuck Schumer has claimed he is on board as well.

In other news, what may be groundbreaking for New York – the board of health has changed its policy on birth certificates for lesbian couples. The names of married lesbian couples are now able to put both of their names on the birth certificates of a child, whereas before, only one name was allowed on the certificate and the other parent had to file through a long process to adopt the child, wrote.

However, though this may be a great improvement to the LGBT community of New York, male couples are still unable to put both names on the birth certificates of newborn children and must go through the adoption process for one of the parents.

Tech Beat

Tuesday’s release of Grand Theft Auto for the Nintendo DS, has raised eyebrows as to why a children’s platform gaming system is being used to sell games that are geared to adults. 

The DS is Nintendo’s answer to Playstation’s portable system the PSP. A Mature 17 rating for Grand Theft Auto also know by gamers as GTA will be only the third game listed under that rating this year for the DS. Theresia and C.O.R.E. are the other two games with a M17 rating. 

The Wall Street Journal wrote a full article about the game here. The article also has information about Nintendo’s other main platform gaming system the Wii, which is also suppose to be a family friendly gaming system that is now making games to attract adult gamers.

Would Nintendo just be trying to widen their gaming audiences by making this move or is this move economy related just to generate sales? A long line of adults had formed in Midtown Manhattan for the overnight release on March 17th, click here.  The last time a released was this popular was when the system first released back in 2004.

It Doesn’t Pay To Be Rich Nowadays

Law makers in Albany agreed to raise taxes on the state’s top income earners on Saturday.  The tax hike will only affect people who make over $300,000 and up. The tax is set to last for the next three years. The higher taxes have created two new tax brackets and the taxes range from 7.85 percent to 8.97 percent. They higher taxes should generate 4 billion dollars in revenue for the state.

Here is the  NY Times article on it.

New Jersey’s Unemployment Rate Highest in State’s History

Since New Jersey first started keep track of its unemployment rate in 1976 it has never had more unemployed people than it did in the month of February. In February New Jersey has 370,000 of it citizens who were unemployed. This turns into an 8.2 percent unemployment rate as compared to the nation’s 8.1 unemployment rate. In the last two months New Jersey has lost almost 30.000 jobs and about 20,000 coming from the month of February. Here is the detailed New York Times Article

Is it time to get a car?

Here comes another headache for New Yorkers: the fare has gone up to $2.50 a fare and the monthly metro card is now $103. With money as tight as it is for many New Yorkers lately, another hike in the transit fare is the last thing we all need. Maybe it’s time for some of us to start concidering the option of buying a car. It might be a big purchase at first but it may also cost you less over time depending on the brand, and year the car was made.

Think about the good things that come from having your own car. You don’t have to worry about if there will be a seat for you on your commute. You get to control the sound track to your commute with your own radio, and most importantly you don’t have to be smushed against the window.

On the other hand, traffic in New York can raise anyone’s blood pressure and parking spaces come less often than good news from Wall Street in the last few months. You don’t have to make monthly insurance payments on your metro card and you definitely don’t need a credit check for your metro card.

So maybe we all just are better sticking it out until it is less expensive to own a car as compared to taking public transpotation.

Here is a New York Times article on the fare hike.

Mental Health – More Cuts are Announced in the City’s Public Hospital System

Among the many organizations feeling the financial crunch- hospitals, pharmacies and community clinics are the most recent ones to. The NY Times reported that New York City’s public hospital system said it will cut 400 jobs and close some children’s mental health programs, pharmacies and community clinics that serve more than 11,000 residents.

According to Alan Aviles, president of the city Health and Hospitals Corporation, the cuts might affect access to care for
uninsured patients or those with a low-income. Already, there has been an 8% increase
in the number of uninsured patients from just last year, and rising costs coupled with smaller medicaid payments will surely yield more uninsured. 

“Further cuts will lead to the beginning of dismantling our health care system in New York City,” Aviles said.

Bailed-out JP Morgan moves forward with $120 million jet buys

Public relations doesn’t appear to be the financial sector’s forte these days.

JP Morgan Chase, fresh from a $25 billion government bailout, is purportedly moving forward with the purchase of two luxury corporate jets with a $120 million pricetag, along with an $18 million renovation at Westchester Airport outside New York City.

Read More Here.

Congresswoman presses Geithner on connections to Goldman Sachs

This video is from CNN’s Newsroom, broadcast Mar. 24, 2009.

I liked this video a lot.