California Prescribes Getting High for Kids with ADHD

Parents who have teenagers with attention hyperactivity disorder now have the choice to get them stoned for best results. California doctors are recommending medical marijuana for children who need a way to calm down because of their disorder. Of course parents will accompany children under the age of 18 who wish to have medical marijuana at a doctor’s appointment. However, a psychology professor is skeptical about giving weed to kids because of a THC ingredient which causes short-term memory problems and inattention.

On the other hand, a psychiatry professor thinks that some children don’t respond to traditional treatments and marijuana could prove to be more effective.  A woman even identified that her son seemed calmer when he got to high school after being diagnosed with ADHD since 6 years old. It was because he started smoking pot in high school.

Can’t argue with results!

Gore Takes Case on SNL

Al Gore appeared on SNL last week on the fake news show. He just came out with a new book, “Our Choice.”

He unveiled his new backup strategy to start acting crazy in order to “outcrazy the crazy” that is happening in American politics when it comes to climate change. Among, the interesting strategies, he wants to plant trees in politicians front yards and tape toy guns to their branches to make them think the forest is coming for revenge.

Check out the hilarious video here.

Our Food, More Dangerous Than We Thought?

The New York Times has reported, a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA, is found in 92% of the population. This chemical happens to be the cause for many diseases such as breast cancer, obesity, malformed genitalia in both male and female children, and many other ailments.

Even though, this chemical has been banned in many other countries such as Canada, where it was deemed hazardous. The Food and Drug Administration, is doing studies on this matter, however multiple test have been conducted on rats. The testing on rats have proven that BPA will cause complications with pregnancy and the breast feeding of children under 2 years of age.

BPA is usually found in canned food, the chemical is usually sprayed on the inside of cans, the Consumer Reports magazine issued an article in which it listed Progresso vegetable soup, Campbell’s condensed chicken noodle soup and Del Monte Blue Lake cut green beans.


My Evening At Red Bamboo

Food happens to be everyone’s favorite delight in the world. I love it, I love going to new places in New York City and just taking delight in the different taste and textures of new and familiar foods.

So, when my classmate, Jaime, told me about Red Bamboo, a vegan-soul restaurant, I was all for it. Especially, after interviewing, Ingrid Newkirk the President of P.E.T.A who believes that, the best way to celebrate the life of an animal is to become a vegan.

After work one evening, I decided that I was ready to take that plunge and experiment with vegan food, since I’ve always pondered on the thought, but never made it happen.

Red Bamboo wasn’t hard to find, it is in one of the epicenters of Manhattan, Greenwich Village. The resturant can definetly be overlooked, however inside it can consume any one with it’s aura and the intimate staff. The restaurant resembled a brick laid loft, with wooden floors and a candle-lit setting. Small, but cute and the restaurant did house a crowd.

The receptionist greeted me, with a ” Hi, how many are apart of your party?” And, not-embarrassingly I replied, “Oh, it’s just me”. I was seated immediately and was given a menu.

Automatically, I scanned over the restaurant and their were a variety of different faces and expressions scattered all over the room. Most of the people, who were there looked as if they had been there before, however others were sampling different things off of the menu, just so they can find there niche within their vegan experiments. Some loved what they tasted, others didn’t.

Well, when my order came, which was the Soul chicken sandwich with French Fries and a Ginger-Ale. I was ready to eat, I wondered what the soy chicken would taste like, I wondered if my stomach was going to hurt afterward and I wondered if I was going to get an allergic reaction.

I didn’t want to get kicked out of the restaurant for any involuntary movements, I was just simply scared that I was going to start twitching from the food.
However, it was tasty. The chicken sandwich being a bit chewy was seasoned well and it really tasted like, dare I say it, chicken.

So, at the end of the evening, there were no jitters, allergic reactions or stomachaches. I was totally fine and wanted to go there again.

Yue Minjun–Cynical Realism

Yue Minjun is not from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy or Williamsburg. He’s not even from Brooklyn, but Minjun is a the forefront of cynical realism. According to FrugalArt, the cynical realism”grew out of the lack of any kind artistic activity in Chinese society.” Asa artist began meeting below ground, a movement began.

Minjun’s work is worth millions and millions of dollars and the most popular artist in China. In 2007, Execution, described as Minjun’s most political piece, sold for 5.9 million dollars, a record for contemporary artist.

Chinese art/artist seem to be the future of China and abroad, for they are expressing a vision, which has not been seen; since Chinese government prohibited art and are decades behind in the scene. Chinese art can bridge the gap between American and Chinese culture.

Hunts Point Market Donates 30 Million Pounds of Food

The Hunts Point Market, distributed 30 million pounds of food on Monday. This was considered one of their largest shipments of food. The extraordinary factor is, charitable organizations received a bulk of the food, with hopes to give out most of the foods to low-income families or provide food to many on Thanksgiving day.

To see this story covered by NY1, just click on the link below.


EPA Lawyers Speak Out Through Youtube

The Environmental Protection Agency is asking two of its lawyers to change a video they posted on YouTube criticizing the administration’s climate change policy.

The video, titled “The Huge Mistake,” features the two lawyers, Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel, questioning the effectiveness of a cap-and-trade program in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They say that big business can easily play the system and trade emissions.

“Climate Change can’t be solved by tweaks to existing facilities,” Williams says in the video, “it requires cutting fossil fuels to the atmosphere which are the main cause of climate change.”

The E.P.A. requested the married couple only mention their connection with the E.P.A. once and not mention their long employment with the agency. It stated that its employees are in no way restricted in expressing their opinion but didn’t want the public to confuse the statements with the position of the E.P.A.

While the pair said they would remove the video from their YouTube accounts, the video been reposted by other YouTube users.  The couple faces disciplinary action if they do not make the edits requested.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a watchdog group, is accusing the E.P,A. of abusing ethic rules by mandating the couple to change video.