Affordable Housing hits East New York and Flatbush

Flastbush Caton Market via DNAinfo

Flastbush Caton Market via DNAinfo

With Mayor De Blasio’s recent affordable housing plans, Brooklyn residents have raised concerns as to whom exactly this will benefit.  However here are two are that look promising to those in need of moderately priced living:

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Civilians and Police Ask for Justice, but Justice Has a Different Meaning for Each Group

A protest, against police brutality, was held Saturday afternoon in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park. The protest was led by actor and director Quentin Tarantino. In a context of 930 people killed by the police this year, the actor asked for justice for all the families of the victims. He said, “this is not being dealt with in anyway at all. That’s why we are out here. If it was being dealt with, then these murdering cops would be in jail or at least be facing charges.”

The rally is part of a three day event called #RiseUpOctober that started on Thursday with the campaign #SayTheirNames, in Midtown Manhattan, where the relatives of the victims spoke out on how their loved ones ended up dead by the hands of the police. The event continued on Friday with the slogan #ShutDownRikers that targeted the New York’s infamous prison where several cases of police brutality and abuse to inmates have been denounced. The organizers said the objective was to stay resistant towards a “matrix of oppression.” The main event was expected for today, starting at 11 a.m. and no arrests have been confirmed so far today.

Ironically, the three-day-event comes two days after the death of police officer Randolph Holder, who was fatally shot by a 30-year-old man who was allegedly caught stealing a bike in East Harlem.  The suspect, Tyrone Howard, reportedly put the stolen bike down, took his gun and fired to Holder’s head, killing him. Howard was arrested and charged with first degree murder. — Gabriela Lira

Breast Cancer Awareness


The American Cancer Society has changed its tune on its long advocated mammogram screening. Instead of frequent mammograms, it is now encouraging less of the sometimes painful procedure.


Health on another level (nycitybeat)

Men can now rest assured that the women in their lives can become as sexually needy as they can become at times. This new controversial pill newly approved by the FDA sends signal to the female brain producing hormones responsible for desires.

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Free Metrocards?

Back in April of this year, council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Inez Barron proposed a plan that would give free Metrocards to CUNY students. The proposal includes having CUNY put money in its next budget to be able to give away free Metrocards. Currently there are around 270,000 full time and part-time CUNY students, which means that if the proposal is approved, then this would cost from around $30 million to $375 million.

However the catch for the proposal is that CUNY administrators have to agree to take part.

While CUNY currently offers the Accelerated Study in Associates Programs which offers free Metrocards (among other perks) for community college students, I think giving Metrocards to CUNY students is a good idea. There are few dormitories at CUNY, so most students can’t walk to class with ease. Most have to take the subway, which can become costly. As someone who takes the subway to school, it can add up. With the MetroCard fare being $2.75 a ride, $20 barely lasts me a week. I sometimes find myself not wanting to use my Metrocard when I go out because I don’t want to waste train fare that could be used for school. With CUNY giving free Metrocards to students, it would be one less thing for students to worry about.

Haunted Trains

 Around two weeks ago I saw the documentary Ghosts on the Underground, which aired on channel WLIW21. The documentary focused on the London Underground (London’s train system) and how the underground stations and tunnels are haunted when the system shuts down at night. In the documentary they spoke to workers who have had their share of unexplained encounters and experiences. One man for example spoke of hearing the door to his office rattle three times and left his office to investigate. When walking on the platform, he felt as if someone was walking behind him and turned around. When he turned around he saw a woman in a white dress with no face.

Hearing the stories of what these workers went through, it left me wondering if our subway tunnels and stations are haunted. Surely with our system running 24/7, we would have at least heard about strange encounters but with the suicides and accidental deaths occurring and the fact that workers did die building the train system, you can’t help but wonder if our trains and tunnels are haunted with the ghosts of those who died.

Towards the end of the documentary, they mention how some passengers have seen a reflection of somebody sitting next to them, even if the seat next to them was empty. Having watching too many scary movies, one of my fears while riding the train is to look up and see the reflection of a person or face. The fact that that happens in the London Underground creeps me out a little bit more.

While there are no reports about any subway ghosts sightings or experiences, one is left to wonder are there any ghosts? I know one thing though for sure, I don’t want my question answered.

Ghosts on the Underground (FYI: the quality and volume are not so great)

Volkswagen caught in own lie

On Friday September 18th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they would order Volkswagen to recall 500,000 vehicles located in the United States. This recall is issued because in order to convince their audience that they were environmentally friendly, Volkswagen faked emission testing results by reducing smog during testing. This led to newly purchased Volkswagen owners to feel betrayed and ripped off.

Volkswagen is not obligated to give a recall until there is an outline on how they intend to fix the problem. The technological solution will most likely mean reducing performance, drivability, and fuel economy of the cars to meet emission goals. The cars now that were supposedly “environmentally friendly” emit from 10-40 times more pollutants than advertised.

According to Volkswagen owner John Decker, “It just reeks of fraud and that they intentionally misled the buyers of their vehicles into thinking these were clean diesels, environmentally good cars, that were fun to drive.” This is the common opinion of Volkswagen owners who now plan to sue the company for fraud, false advertisement, and violating consumer rights.

BMW, General Motors, Jeep, Land Rover, and Mercedes- Benz are only a few car companies that now offer the diesel option. Diesel has accomplished advances in systems that reduce tailpipe emissions which are generally higher for diesel than for gasoline engines. The systems work by combining fuel with an additive that reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide which is diesels engines main and more harmful byproducts.

Volkswagens’s remedy for fixing the emissions has not been announced but they are required to fix the systems so that it complies with federal regulations. Until then, they will have to deal with angry costumers, and a series of lawsuits filed against them for the 500,000 cars on their way to recall.

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