Queens Love Triangle Ends in Death


Outerbridge, left, with Malik and Devonnee Wilkerson at Rockaway Beach, Queens.

Mourners turned out for the memorial service of a Harlem mother of three at Unity Funeral Chapels in Harlem on Wednesday. Sheryl Outerbridge, 38, was kidnapped and beaten to death by a husband and wife with whom she had a polyamorous relationship.

Outerbridge was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on December 4th by a couple that said they found her lying nearby on Sutphin Boulevard. Her wounds were so severe that police initially believed them when they lied and claimed she had been shot, authorities said.

Devonnee Wilkerson, one of the suspects in Outerbridge’s death, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault. According to police, her husband Malik Wilkerson was in custody in Pittsburgh and awaits extradition to New York.

According to documents from the Queens District Attorney’s office, Devonnee Wilkerson told investigators that she was furious at Outerbridge for tattooing her pet name for her husband without permission.

Outerbridge was beaten to death at the Wilkerson’s South Jamaica home, where neighbors believed she stayed for weeks at a time.


Plastic State of Mind -Video

Grassroots community activism comes in all forms, one that can reach out to young people is always music. The conservation group Green Sangha, on a shoe string budget did just that. Taking the “New York State of Mind” song by Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes to a new level. They created the catchy remake called “Plastic State of Mind,” which points out the problems and solutions of our ever increasing epidemic of waste.


Whole Foods Giving Back to Brooklyn

After 10 long years of planning, Whole Foods opened Tuesday in Brooklyn, located on Third and 3rd near the putrid Gowanus canal Brooklyn Whole Foods Market Goes Greenopened. While there has been a some who did not want to see the store open in Brooklyn, Whole Foods started off by giving back to the community in which they opened.

They have started a program called “Fund a Fig,” all purchases of specially designed reusable bags will go to planting fig trees throughout the borough. In addition the first 5% in sales is being donated to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Staying active in the borough that so many have such deep love for is a way to stay part of the community. 

Hasidic Men Accused of Gay Attack

20110705-shomrimEarlier this month it was reported that a large group of Hasidic men accosted Taj Peterson as he returned from a bar in Brooklyn. They allegedly attacked him while using homophobic slurs, this attack was witnessed by multiple people who took photos of both the perpetrators and their vehicles. Peterson Suffered from a fractured eye socket, a torn retina, blood clotting as well as cuts and bruises.

Even with all of the eye witness accounts and photos the investigation, in the publics opinion, seems to be stalled. Witness to the crime also allege that the men looked like members of a police group, which may be the unofficial volunteer patrol of the Shomrim. The NYPD is investigating this as a hate crime, and with the long recorded tensions between the Hasidic and black community, caution may be slowing the public release of information, as this is an important investigation to the Brooklyn community

New York City’s Minutemen

Even though this article is from 2009, I felt it was worthy of an appearance on this site. Through the article, Chad Smith introduces us to Ron Cutlip, founder of the NYC Minutemen Chapter, which is made up of a whopping 20 members.

The Minutemen Project, created by Jim Gilchrist in 2004, is  a national organization of citizens who appose immigration. They fight immigration by holding so-called “border patrols” by the Mexican (and sometimes even Canadian) borders. Even though the New York City chapter is no where near as active as the chapters in Arizona or California, Cutlip finds it important that they exist as a “voice” on the issue.

Republicans REALLY ARE Supporters of Immigration Reform

This is quite an amusing article about why Republicans are actually immigration reform supporters, they just don’t know it. Arguing that immigration reform aligns with Republican ideals, The Huffington Post provides us with 7 reasons why Republicans should love comprehensive immigration reform.

One of the most clever points brought up in this slideshow is the idea of family values. Republicans advocate for traditional family values, yet at the same time, advocate for deportation of undocumented immigrants resulting in a countless number of families across American being split up.

Deportation Rates Down in 2013

Some positive news for immigration activists was released by Bloomberg Businessweek in there most recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement data. The Obama administration is projected to deport 16 percent fewer undocumented immigrations this year than it had in 2012. 

According to this article, the 16 percent decrease could have something to do with the increased focus on “criminal” immigrants, or undocumented immigrants who have committed serious offenses. Since 2011, federal immigration officials have received “prosecutorial discretion” memos from the Obama administration directing them to avoid prosecuting undocumented immigrants who were not classified as “criminals.”  In response, has been a 3 percent increase in the number of “criminal” immigrant deportations in the past year from 55 percent to 58 percent. 

By the end of the fiscal year, if this projection is correct, the number of deportations will be at a six year low.