More stories on immigrants in NYC

This last week, the New York Times reported two stories on immigrants in New York.

One here shows the vulnerability of immigrants when seeking a legal status.  In this case, Victor M. Espinal is accused of pausing as an immigration lawyer. The reality is that it could happen to anyone seeking legal services, but in this instance, he was serving immigrants who were facing deportation. The people expose in this fraud won’t be able to use ineffective legal assistance as a ground in their cases.

The other article here shows how the conditions with which immigrants live today is somehow similar with how other immigrant groups, Irish, Jewish,  lived when they first arrived in New York. This is a reminder made by Javier Valdes, deputy director of Make the Road New York, who refers to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum as an expose this repetition of history.


Children’s Issues Beat..Child Abuse Spike Attributed to Recession

Newsday reports on last year’s 9% increase in child abuse and neglect cases, finding that some professionals believe it had something to do with the recession. “I wanted to get at what’s happening on the ground,” said Connie Hayek, director of national data analysis at the Child Welfare League of America, “It is known that unemployment is correlated with child abuse and neglect. Although the article adds, “abuse and neglect reports have, generally, been increasing nationwide for the past six years.”

Another compelling excerpt comes from East Meadow hospital’s child abuse specialist, Dr. Bella Silecchia, “Silecchia said she is seeing more unexplained broken bones in children age 3 and younger. Their guardians are often single mothers, she said, or fathers ‘who are not working, who are home all the time, men who may have lost their jobs.”

So far, I am not completely convinced. I think whoever headlined this article did so appropriately by saying “some attribute.” I am thinking of doing more research before confidently professing that the increase in child abuse and neglect is due to the recession. I think the recent crisis has shaken a great deal of people as well as the story of the jobless father’s October 6th murder of  his wife and two sons, before turning the gun on himself. If this is the case, more abuse counseling should be administered in the classroom before another innocent life is taken.

Children Take Caregiver Role

The New York Times cites a 2005 Nationwide study that  “suggested that about 3 percent of households with children ages 8 to 18 included child caregivers.” It mentions the lengths young adults have to take in caring for their parents, from washing, feeding, talking to doctors, and administering injections. A few sources were candid in regard to their children’s frustration over having to take on an adult role (for parents who cannot afford professional caregivers) to adults acting out in their helplessness.

“Christina Powell’s family left a four-bedroom house in Virginia in 2007 for an apartment in Boca Raton, Fla., where her grandfather, Guy French, 78, struggled with dementia and bladder cancer…Initially, he was continually drunk, went naked and urinated everywhere, ‘like a sprinkler system,’ Christina said. His chain-smoking aggravated Christina’s asthma. He was also often ‘really angry,’ saying that ‘he didn’t like me,’ she said. ‘That made me depressed. I was like, ‘I’m the one who takes care of you.’ ”

I am out of words for this one. What can be done to solve this problem?

*Visual Arts Beat*

Hi everyone.  In case you don’t know, the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University in Massachusetts is in great danger of closing down because of financial troubles.  There were many columns written against the museum’s closing and articles discussing the protests that have occured since.  From the articles I have read, I got a strong sense that Brandeis University will never be the same.  Many students apply there because of the prestigious reputation of the Rose Art Museum.  It has also been said that the museum featured one of the greatest collections of contemporary art in Massachusetts.  Although it’s no surprise with today’s poor economy, I feel that it would be a huge tragedy in the art world to lose such a great museum because of financial diffculties.  There have been many efforts to raise money to keep the museum and are still going on.  The following statement wass taken from the museum’s website- On February 5, 2009, the President told The Boston Globe: “We’re not saying we’re closing the Rose Art Museum…We’re saying we’re turning it into a gallery and a teaching site for the faculty of the fine arts. We don’t want to be in the public museum business.

If the university’s beloved museum is going to be downsized, it’s still going to be an unfortunate loss in the art world.

This week I found an article in the New York Times discussing why it’s so important to keep univeristy art museums.  The Rose Art Museum is surely mentioned and the link to this article is  Hopefully things will change in time and this museum will be saved.


NYC Calorie Counts Are Here to Stay

This week’s blog entry hits close to home for me because last semester I wrote an article about whether or not the calorie count law was effective on the eating habits of Brooklyn College students. Last week, the Times reported that the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rejected the New York State Restaurant Association’s appeal of it to be unlawful for restaurants with 15 or more chains to publicly post their calories alongside the prices of meals. This case has gone back and forth since September 2006 as shown in this legal timeline from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene which also said, “New Yorkers eat more than a third of our daily calories come from food eaten away from home.” Thus, with this new ruling, New Yorkers will continue to have the calorie counts in front of them. Here’s to hoping that New Yorkers are conscious of what they eat while outside of their homes.

Update on Lesbian & Gay Beat

More updates have been made on the false arrests on gay men in Manhattan and have been reported in GayCityNews. Also, the reporter who has been following the story has also found a pattern in these cases, here that seem to be catching attention with Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau.

Talk over what may be deemed as the first-ever gay bookstore in Manhattan – Oscar Wilde bookstore, will close next month, but no extensive reporting has been done in the past few weeks. I suppose that it will bring attention come the day that it closes its doors.

The Never Ending Debt

Ron Paul On Glenn Beck (FOX News)

Yeah I know its Fox, but I was surprised that they were actually making good points on the economy. While we all go through hardship during an economic downfall, it looks like this government is repeating actions that got us into this mess, borrowing more money.

Clinton urges China to keep buying US debt

Read More Here.

While at the same time US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed not to let human rights concerns hinder cooperation with China. Read More Here.

Yeah who cares about Chinese slavery, murder, torture of non violent people or human rights we can push that to the side so we can borrow more money from the tyrannical Chinese.    Greeeeeeeeeeat!

This is another video that displays how the U.S got into all this trouble from borrowing money, and yes I cant believe its from Fox too.

Inconvenient Debt – Glenn Beck