Bloomberg Off to Copenhagen

Mayor Bloomberg will be going to Copenhagen on Monday to represent NYC as one of the cities on the road to sustainability. The city will be featured in an interactive exhibit called “Future Cities,” showcasing local sustainability initiatives.

It’s an interesting time for the mayor’s trip considering the recent decisions he’s made concerning the environment. Last week, he backed down when building owners opposed an ambitious proposal that would require building owners to get energy audits and make suggested changes. The proposal would have put NYC on the cutting-edge of the green building movement, according to the New York Times. It will now be voluntary for owners to follow energy-saving suggestions of the audits.

He’s named Caswell F. Holloway IV, a city hall aide with little environmental experience, to the environmental commissioner. Some say the appointment reflects Bloomberg’s desire to keep his inner circle tight. It was not made clear whether Holloway would be making the trip as well.

NYC Gets New Environment Commission

After a 13-month search, Bloomberg decided to look in house for the city’s new environment commissioner, a position that has gone unfilled for a year.

Caswell F. Holloway IV, a city aide with little experience in the field, will be lead th city’s Department of Environmental Protection. The selection left many of the major players in the New York City’s environmental scene scratching their head.

In a New York Times article, Peggy M. Shepard, We Act for Environmental Justice, was shocked by the appointment, admitting she didn’t know of Holloway.

Insiders say Halloway has a reputation as a problem-solver and Bloomberg said he could see him working hard several desks down in the Mayor’s Office. Halloway has worked on revival plans for the Gowanus Canal, which has been an environmental plight of the city for some time, but only time will tell if he’s up for the job.

Man and Wife Flu PSA

The unlikeliest of partners,MTV’s “Man and Wife” duo and the the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene has joined forces in a series of public service announcements to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

The 30 second PSA’s feature Grammy award winning rapper and producer Fatman Scoop and his wife, HIV/AIDS counselor, Shanda  in 1920s style silent film.

Best known for their candid and many times explicit conversations about sex the man and wife act comedically share tips on everything from sneeze etiquette to the importance of staying home when you’re sick.

Swine Flu Vaccine Restrictions Lifted

New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene has now made the H1N1 vaccine available to all New Yorker’s over the age of 4.

The vaccine was previously restricted to those ages 4-24; women who are pregnant or are taking care of an infant; and those with preexisting medical conditions.

The vaccine is available in all five boroughs this weekend. The vaccination centers will operate 9am to 6pm Saturday, December 12, and 9am to 5pm Sunday, December 13.


Art & Son

Brooklyn artist Logan Hicks spent a day and a half creating a 30×8  portrait of his son. Hicks’ son served as the motivation for the piece, according to Hicks. The stencil artist realized how fast time flies after having  a child and created an image that would remain frozen in time.

Men Experience Postpartum Depression Too

Sometimes after a baby is born, women go through postpartum depression, but a New York Times article has discovered that men can be affected in the same way after their wife gives birth. A psychiatrist at an England university did a study of 26,000 parents and four percent of fathers had clinically depressive symptoms within eight weeks of the birth of their children.

Apparently, when the husband found out that they were expecting, he spent nine months happy and excited about the idea of a baby, without fully realizing how life altering it would be. The article suggests that dealing with a new baby can be a problem for men mostly because males don’t usually show their emotions as openly as women do. Interestingly, a study on monkeys showed that there is a rapid increase in receptors for the hormone, vasopressin, in the brain’s prefrontal cortex with new fathers. This hormone is related to parental behavior.

The most interesting part is after two months of psychotherapy and anti-depressants, the depressed husband recovered. I don’t think it’s possible for women to use those same recovery methods and get rid of it so quickly.

Health care reforms plan on taxing your next cosmetic surgery

New York has some of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the country, with offices lined up on Park Avenue in Manhattan, waiting for women to book their next cosmetic surgery. But what will guarantee these women from traveling to another state or country to get there procedures done, when New York state might soon begin to tax cosmetic surgeries.

Thanks to a program introduced in 2004 New Jersey has placed a levy on cosmetic surgery, which will ultimately make New Jersey residents pay a tax of about 11 percent. With the current health care reforms, New York might also begin to feel this 11 percent, as this levy is now included in the democrats health-care overhaul debate in the U.S. senate.

Susan Hughes, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, facial surgeon is infuriated by this as she calls the politicians involved in making this levy a national law, “idiots.”

Read her interview here and learn more about how this will affect your next cosmetic surgery.