Floyd Mayweather sure has Money to Spend

Floyd “Money” Mayweather was not giving this name for no reason. The un-defeated champion put an amazing party togther for his daughter Iyanna. She just turned sixteen and he decided to do it in a big way. The proud father brought two of the biggest names in music industry to perform drake and future. The group of teens gatheres togther and watched Drake perform “One Dance”, “Energy” and “Back to Back”. Future of course was accompanied by DJ Esco who danced and performed alongside with Future. These two togther cost mayweather in total 5 million dollars. I know we all wish we had 5 million dollars to easily waste.There are people out there who wished they even had an extra 20 dollars in their pocket to allow them to survive another day. Sometimes i wish these millionairs and billionairs would understand the struggle thats goin on around the world. They can easily donate money if they feel the need to waste it. Numerous amounts of charities are out there, but yet are being used. Hopefully one day people can find better ways to soend there money, instead of using it lavishly.

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