Parental Mental Health


Starting from a very young age, children look up to their parents and imitate their actions. If a parent is withdrawing from the child, the child can most certainly feel the wall that is up between them. When it comes to other things, such as, physical health issues and mental health issues, children are at extremely high risks of developing some type of problem themselves.

Mental health conditions are not contagious and studies show that there are some conditions that may be passed down through genetics. Parents who suffer from mental illnesses put their children at  many different risks. In the long run, the child can develop emotional, social and/or behavioral problems just from seeing how his/her parent copes with this life altering challenge.

Mental Health America says that if children are surrounded by various protective factors, then their risk for developing certain behaviors practically decreases. If a parent is practicing good coping skills with their child, being warm and supportive and enforcing positive peer relationships then that child will essentially live a better life.


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