Black Women Accuse The New York Times of Discrimination

On Thursday April 28th two former employees at The New York Times filed a class action suit against CEO Mark Thompson and his Chief Revenue Officer Meredith Levien.

Ernestine Grant and Marjorie Walker claim that The New York Times has engaged in deplorable discrimination that has maintained for the most part, largely off the record. According to the claim, both women purport that Thompson and Levinson has created an environment that fosters discrimination based on age, race and gender.

According to the class action suit, Thompson appointed Levien who made it very clear at the beginning of her tenure that “she was looking for a very particular workforce, one that was filled with “fresh faces” i.e. younger employees without families, an who were white.”

In addition to biased discrimination, the two report that both Levien and Thompson created discriminatory barriers to equal opportunity advancement. Grant reports being repeatedly passed over for promotion to Advertising Director. Instead, advancements and promotions were rewarded to younger white colleagues.

This isn’t the first time Thompson has been accused of abusing his position. In the class action suit there are a list of prior offenses during his career. As a new appointed editor at Nine O’Clock News, he was accused of biting the arm of  staff member. While working as the Director General at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) he admittedly treated older women differently.

In 2014 research conducted by The Media’s Women’s Center Study reported that of the top 10 most widely circulated newspapers, The New York Times had the largest gender gap. According to the study, “69% of the bylines belong to men, 75% of the opinion writers are men and female journalist are less likely to report on hard news stories.” The study also concluded that The New York Times were 3.5 times more likely to use male sources than females.

The two women seek monetary awards that will decided at trial.



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