Cooper Hewitt Design Museum Embraces Technology

The Hewitt sisters, Amy, Eleanor, and Sarah founded Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in 1897. Housed in the Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City, the museum displays historic and contemporary design.

The museum, which contains over 210,000 design objects and a design library with over 80,000 volumes and over 50,000 photographs, has been receiving a lot of attention on social media as of late and especially popular on Saturday from the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. when visitors can pay with a donation of any amount to enter the museum. This is great for students or any one on a budget.

They are using this new piece of technology called, “The Pen” which as the name suggests, was a pen that has a flat end with a plus sign, which you can align and press on interactive tables and it saves what you are looking at. You can retrieve the collections you viewed by entering a code that was written on your ticket on the museum website. “The Pen” also has a pointed side, which you can use to write on the interactive tables and save.

Gone are the days of taking a picture of a portrait and then taking another picture of the plaque next to it, so you can remember what you were looking at. They are embracing technology in a fun and intelligent way.


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