The New Age of Cosmetic Dermatology


Doctor Simon Ourian is a state of the art body sculpting genius who subtitutes knives and the time it takes for the body to undergo extensive healing, with needles, harmless lasers and safe dermal fillers. Instead of having to wait three to six months to get that amazing dream body of yours, you can get it instantly, or in about two to three weeks depending on the kind of procedure  you’ve chosen to go through with.

Doctor Orion made it possible for people to get their tattoos, stretch marks and acne marks removed safely by using a laser treatment that removes pigment from the skin and a cool laser skin resurfacing method which helps to even out the skin. Of course Dr. Orion isn’t the first doctor to use these methods but he has worked with a lot of celebrities who confirm that the outcome of his work is always positive.

When it comes to reversing a nose job or removing dark circles under the eyes, doctors use a substance that is called Hyaluronic Acid. If someone didn’t know what Hyaluronic Acid was, one might think that this substance was toxic or unsafe but in fact, WebMD says that this acid is actually safe and that the highest concentration of this liquid is found in the eyes and in the joints of the body.

Women, as well as men, often feel like they don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror. With some of these non-surgical procedures, these people are able to enhance their appearance and get results almost instantly. If anyone you know wants to go through with a comestic procedure, make sure that they are going to a doctor who is experienced and uses safe treatments. If anyone  is offering implants or fillers made of silicone, then that person is not practicing safe treatment because silicone is harmful to the body.




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