Everything You Need to Know About the New SATs


Over the weekend, the newly designed SAT—the standardized test high school students’ take for college admissions—was administered for the first time around the country

As one of the most nerve-wracking exams for teenagers, the College Board has added some significant tweaks to make the test less stressful.

First and foremost, the almost impossible, hard to reach perfect score is no longer 2400. The test is now out of 1600.

The biggest change after the new scoring scale is the removal of difficult vocabulary words. And let’s face it—those obscure words are never used in everyday lives. Now the College Board has made the vocabulary section more conversational, making it a bit easier for high school students to study.

Finally, the essay portion of the test is optional and some science has been added as well to resemble the ACT, another college admission standardized test.

College Board president David Coleman first announced these changes back in 2014. This makes it the first revamp of the exam since 2005 when the test was made harder and the writing portion was added to the mathematics and critical reading sections.

Even bigger news, last Wednesday juniors at 92 New York City high schools took the SAT during regular school hours without the usual fee, $54. This is the first step Mayor de Blasio’s plans to administer the test in all 438 city high schools.


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