Investigation Reveals Discrimination In Long Island School District


Recent news broke about an investigation in several Long Island school districts where immigrant students, primarily from Central and South America were being discriminated against. For 15 months New York Attorney General Eric Schniederman’s office conducted the investigation and found that there were questionable practices within Long Island’s Westbury District where students were schools debated a student’s country of birth, excluded English language learners age 16 or older from attending high school and delayed or outright denied immigrant students admission for three years.

As a result to the findings Westbury will join 21 other districts in an agreement with the Attorney General that will ensure equal treatment and a variety of requirements that will develop new enrollment procedures, and provide educational service compensation to any of the students affected between 2012 and 2015.

There were no specific punishments handed down to any individual members of the Westbury school district, but the joint effort between the Attorney General’s office and the New York Immigration Coalition seems to have made a significant statement in support of fair and equal treatment of the immigrant population in Long Island.

In a statement released by Schneiderman he called education the “bedrock of our American democracy and every child in our country – no matter where they were born – deserve the chances to attend a school and seek a diploma.”


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