YouTube Arts

YouTube has been a well known social media platform and on the rise since 2005. Many subscribers or users make videos known as vlogs. Vlogs give an opportunity for people to record and express themselves by the click of a button. What makes YouTube so special?

As a common user myself, it allows easy access to visually see or hear stories of individuals any where around the world. In New York, there are many vloggers that love to share their insight on many different topics. For example, fashion, fitness, culture, cooking and beauty are popular among many others. As a person who enjoys D.I.Y projects, YouTube is a platform I commonly use to find some of the latest creative tutorials. Not only can it be used to give and take suggestions for special occasions, it is a social media outlet that can lead to personal income, with passion and the sufficient amount of subscribers.

Arts and entertainment are of high interest to many New Yorkers. One of the common well known New York YouTubers, is Latina RositaApplebum. With more than 200,000 subscribers she shares insight on beauty tips and tricks. In her intro video Rosa shares positive ways to start your own channel. This media platform can bring transparency to viewers allowing them to watch content with continuity.

YouTube also allows viewers to switch gears, making a transition to other talented individuals. Karen Rodriguez shares her cover of Adele’s song “Hello.” In addition, she is commonly known for making covers with a spanglish twist.

Watch here.


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