Borough Boards and NYC Comptroller Slam Mayor’s Plans


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A report was released last week on real estate news site, The Real Deal, pointing out that borough boards in 4 out of 5 boroughs rejected Mayor deBlasio’s Mandatory Inclusion Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability plans.

No shocker there seeing as community boards all across the city have been publicly protesting the plans for months. According to the report, “The Zoning for Equality and Affordability plan would allow architects more flexibility in designing buildings.” The plans also focus on providing affordable housing. But residents see past the idealistic promises of affordability and right into the future where the very real threat of displacement exists.

On the same day that The Real Deal released their report, The New York City Comptroller’s office released one too. Stringer’s report was a full analysis of the Mayor’s plans which concluded, “the city’s own data shows  that the current plan could inadvertently displace tens of thousands of families in East New York, the vast majority of whom will be unable to to afford the relatively small number of new units that will be built.”  The report goes on to talk about the 84 percent of residents who won’t be able to afford market rate apartments and the 55 percent who won’t even be able to afford the affordable units.

When asked about the opposition to his plans back in November, deBlasio told the Gotham Gazette, “Those objections should be heard and we should, you know, think about them, and where we see the need to make certain modifications we will,” de Blasio said.

“But in the end, the community boards aren’t the final decision makers. The mayor and the City Council make the decisions, in some cases, obviously, with the City Planning Commission.”

How considerate of the Mayor to include us in his plans.



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