Your health could be the price for being pampered

NAILSTESTThere’s an article that I found in the NYT, very informational. It speaks in detail about the plight and exploitation of manicurist in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. Many of us -as women- enjoy the service of some of these manicurist without thinking about the conditions and treatment they might be facing at the hands of their employers, mixed with the living conditions they face in the city as immigrants just starting out in as new land.

The second article that I attached speaks of the health issues facing those who choose to do this profession. This job almost seems like a job that you sign up for to in the end  sacrifice your health, and that could potentially cost you your life. It got me thinking of the health risk potential costumers face when they enter these nail shops for services. I do understand there is a difference between long term exposure and short term, but still it caused a bit of worry within me.


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