NYC Pastor Visits Paris to Offer Prayers Following Attacks


Pastor Dimas and Family (courtesy of

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks that happened last Friday, Bronx Pastor Dimas Salaberrios and his family changed vacation plans and went to France to offer their support by praying and counseling.

The pastor was on a vacation/book tour with his wife and daughters and had planned to visit Paris that same Friday when the attacks occurred.

“We had planned to leave Berlin to visit and dine in Paris on Friday. That could have been our last supper,” Salaberrios wrote.

Instead of heading to Paris, the family went to Milan. But then Salaberrios decided, it was a true measure of discipleship to visit the hurt and wounded and comfort them during this time of tragedy. So they boarded a train and headed to France, choosing to give up sight seeing but rather visit memorial sites where the attacks happened to pray with mourners.

Salaberrios is the pastor and founder of Infinity Bible Church located in the Bronx River Housing projects in South Bronx. He is an ex gang member and dope dealer who said as a youth his dream was to build a street drug empire. He chronicles his journey from “drug boss” to pastor in his book “Street God.” Salaberrios was  also promoting the book in Europe when the attacks happened.

The pastor details his time praying with and comforting Parisians at the different memorial sites in an article titled: Grief, Panic and Love in Paris.


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