Delays & Suspensions

We all have experienced it at one point or another. Either our train is delayed or worse, train service has been suspended. I found myself recently experiencing the latter while on my way to school. I was on the train to school when the train conductor announced that the train was no longer in service. Once on the platform it was announced that train service in both direction was suspended. Not only was it frustrating that I was going to be late for class but I was basically stranded in a neighborhood that I was not familiar with. I eventually made it to class thanks to a classmate who happened to be on the same train with me.

According to the train announcer, the reason why train service was suspended was because there was a signal switch problem at the last stop. It seems that there is always some type of problem with the trains, especially when it is a rainy day which was how it was that day. When there are delays it makes you think how the MTA is spending the money one uses towards train fare. Riders pay $2.75 for a ride yet service still remains somewhat the same. Yes, the MTA can sometimes be seen fixing some problem but with all the fixing they do, one would think train service would be at least somewhat decent with less delays or service suspensions.

Until the day train service is near perfect, we have to learn how to deal with the delays and suspensions even if it annoys us and even if we don’t want to deal with it. And as for me, well I have to learn my way around the city.


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