CUNY Faculty Arrested

 Hundreds of faculty members, staff and students protested in front of the City University of New York Welcome Center on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, resulting in some arrests. The group blocked the entrance in an effort to demand an increase in their salary.

Faculty, staff  and students protested outside of the office, carrying signs that said “CUNY Needs A Raise” and “Stop the War on CUNY”. According to Barbara Bowen, the president of Professional Staff Congress/CUNY, the protesters locked arms and sat down in front of the building in a planned act of civil disobedience until they received an acceptable offer or instead were arrested.

CUNY’s 25,000 faculty and staff have been without a contract since 2010 and have not received any salary increases. According to CUNY the reason for this is reflective of the universities fiscal condition and lack of ability to fund new contracts. Forty-five percent of CUNY’s funding comes from the state, 10 percent are from the city and the rest is funded by tuition, while most of the students that attend are minorities that have low income backgrounds. The university said that they have offered a new contract with a 6 percent wage increase prior to the demonstration but was shot down.


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