To the Eyes of the Latino Community, SNL will Have the Challenging Task of Satirizing Racism and Xenophobia By Gabriela Lira

Protesters asked NBC Studios to cancel the appearance of Republican candidate Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live this coming weekend, due to his racist and xenophobic comments on the Mexican Community.

More than half million people signed the petition and it was delivered by the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda members. NBC didn’t make any comment on the issue, however it seems that everything is ready for Trump to take over on SNL show tomorrow night. Actually, the program posted a clip promoting Trump as guest-host in which the presidential candidate raises the controversy talking about his opponent, Republican Ben Carson, and refers to him as “a complete and total loser.” The clip then was removed from SNL’s website.

Juan Escalante, the rally organizer, said, “Latinos do not want to see Trump’s racism or his anti-immigration message being satirized. It is shameful for SNL and NBC to think that racism can be repackaged as comedy.” However, when asked about the cancellation of some advertisers to sponsor the program and people against him, Trump said that they only “will make it hotter,” and that the reason he was invited to many TV programs is because he helps for the rating to go up, no doubt.

This Saturday, SNL’s producers, comedians and actors will have a big challenge in dealing and trying to satirize not Trump, but his declarations and ideology on the immigrant community and all this means for a country built by the immigrant forces.


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