Tipping the scale for minimum wage

wpid-20151018_205452.pngNew York City minimum wage might be getting a face-lift to $15 an hour for fast food workers, but what about tipped workers that depend on the cash at the end of their shift.

Minimum wage increase has sparked debate between presidential candidates on whether it should be a state matter and not federal.  High cost of living coupled with low minimum wages in NYC has magnified over the years and people are asking for something to be done.

Governor Cuomo approved the minimum wage increase in September 2015, that will span over a course of three years for New York City and six years for the rest of the state.

What does that mean for tipped workers? Restaurateur, Danny Meyers, has decided to do away with tipping in his establishments and replace it with higher menu prices.  Meyers believes this will close the gap pay between tipped and non-tipped workers.


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