Smorgasburg Gets a New Home in Sunset Park’s Industry City

Smorgasburg @ Sunset Park's Industry City: Solber Pupusas Red Hook NYC

Smorgasburg @ Sunset Park’s Industry City: Solber Pupusas Red Hook NYC

Fall is upon us and eating outside in the cold can sometimes be a drag.  Winter Flea + Smorgasburg has moved its outdoor market indoors to make it more comfortable to shop and eat.

Sunset Park’s Industry City has been named the new home to 100+ local vendors for those brave enough to weather the cold.  The entrance will be at 241 37th Street – starting October 17, 2015 till March 2016, 10a.m.-6p.m. – those there to try new foods as well as shop will peruse the 50,000 square foot indoor venue without the frostbite.

This food lovers haven was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of the Brooklyn Flea market, founded by Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby in 2008.  The extensive line-up of food vendors will cater to thousands every weekend for the next six months.

The à la carte menu will include ice cream, chicken wings, burritos, and sauces to take home, among other vendors who will be serving up duck and seafoodMighty Quinn’s will be returning to Smorgasburg to dish out its smokey barbecue pulled pork and spare ribs.  Gothamist named Mighty Quinn’s one of the 8 best barbecue spots in NYC.

Getting there, fuggedaboutit, Smorgasburg has mapped out the trip for you.  Whether you are driving or using public transportation the stops are listed on the site.

The, “what to do, where to go, and where to eat,” question for the weekend has been answered with a second floor flea market overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  Join others in the adventure of eating and shopping in the same space for unique finds and fresh foods.


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