Neighborhood Start Fund comes to Brownsville

Rapper Lupe Fiasco announced this past weekend that he is launching the Neighborhood Start Fund, a non-profit to help struggling neighborhoods revamp themselves with new businesses and entrepreneurships. And although Lupe Fiasco is from Chicago, Illinois, the organization is starting its efforts in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Partnering and co-founding with Di-Ann Eisnor of Waze, the Neighborhood Start Fund will launch on November 13th.

The inaugural event will be in Brownsville, at 3 Belmont Street where an idea competition and event pitch will be the main events for the day. The address is the home to the Dream Big Foundation’s entrepreneurship center. The Dream Big Foundation, along with its founder Robert LoCascio and Executive Director Pernell Brice III are sponsors for this initiative.

The non-profit is now accepting ideas for prototypes until October 30th. Finalists that are chosen will then attend the November 13th pitch and competition. Businessmen and women have the chance at $5000 for making their prototype with help from mentors, and free technological development.

The site is not fully developed, but anyone can subscribe to get the latest updates on events and outreach. It will be interesting to see what other events and outreach services the Neighborhood Start Fund will provide.


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