The Instagram Diet

(Photo: Brigham Young University

(Photo: Brigham Young University

In an age where millions of people are using social media sites like Twitter or Instagram daily, there has been a recent increase in food photos on our feeds. Actor Neil Patrick Harris has a twitter devoted entirely to what food he eats and where he eats it.

But a new study conducted by Brigham Young University may justify the countless times you’ve scrolled  past pictures of Shake Shack burgers on your Instagram feed.

The study concluded that repeatedly looking at your food can actually reduce your appetite and enjoyment of that particular food (like looking at pictures of peanuts repeatedly will make you not have a taste for salty food).

They showed volunteers 60 pictures of salty foods like chips and french fries and compared them to volunteers who weren’t shown any pictures.

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, nutritionist Joan Salge Blake proposes that a decrease in hunger may be connected with the anticipation of one’s meal.

“It seems like, from the study, really interesting that when people look at pictures, and they are really looking at the food and almost mentally tasting the food, it can have the impact like they have consumed it already, and it may decrease the excitement of it when they go to eat it.”



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