Foodini: The Food of the Future?


Foodini prints a veggie patty which the user will then cook. (Photo: gizmag)

Want to cut your prep time in the kitchen down to almost nothing? A new 3D food printer promises to do that and much more.

Created by Barcelona-based Natural Machines, the Foodini simply prints food. The user loads the machine with fresh ingredients or food capsules, which can be brought from the company. The machine then shapes and finishes the food.

To be clear, the Foodini does not cook your food. It does include a heating element that will warm your food.

The idea of the machine is to help with customization (like the vegan chickpea nuggets in dinosaur shapes), assembly (forming dozens of bread sticks or filling and forming individual ravioli), and finishing (plate decoration).

According to Natural Machines, the Foodini is a “new generation kitchen appliance that combines technology, food, art and design” aimed at “encourag[ing] more people to eat healthy foods.” The Foodini will be available in mid-2014 and is expected to retail  for $1,368.


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