Disturbing Details from Rolling Stone’s Animal Cruelty Story

In a horrific new feature posted yesterday, Rolling Stone give us an in-depth look at animal cruelty on factory farms. There are billions of animals being raised and slaughtered each year to be put on supermarket shelves and on plates at fine restaurants and this piece covers the suffering of those billions of pigs, chickens, and cows through undercover activists.

Paul Solotaroff, the feature’s author, also touched on “Ag-Gag” bills which are making it illegal to take farm jobs undercover and take a farming job with disclosing your profession (like journalist or animal-rights activist). What’s worse is that fact that they are also prohibited from witholding information they obtain of animal abuse past 24 to 48 hours. Since it can take months to build up a case or thoroughly write a piece on animal cruelty, these bills are stopping whistle-blowers and activists from being able to build their cases.

And though the details of this article are horrifying, Solotaroff ends on a positive note. He introduces us to Craig Haney, livestock director at Blue Hill at Stone Barns where they practice humane animal rearing and slaughter.


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