Microsoft will stop women from overeating with new stress-detecting bra

UnknownThe latest high-tech bra is bring support system to a new meaning. Microsoft has  developed the prototype of a bra that will monitor stress levels of women in an attempt to help them from emotionally overeating.

Sensors in the bra will monitor hear rate, respiration, and movement, which will then detect the woman’s mood with the help of a smartphone app.  The women who sport this bra will be able to look at how their emotional state corresponds with their eating patterns in hopes that they will not hit the fridge unnecessarily.

Computer scientists at the University of Rochester in New York and the University of Southampton in the U.K.  described that the bra and app will be able to intervene when readings show the woman is bored, based on readings that show she tends to eat when she is bored. They do not say how the app plans to intervene.


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