NYC Hospital Execs Discuss Emergency Strategies

Executives from hospitals in NYC and across the country gathered at the U.S News Hospital of Tomorrow Forum in Washington D.C. to discuss hospital strategies during emergencies such as Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Anthony Shorris, Chief of Staff at N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center described the damage caused by Sandy: “Within about an hour, 15 million gallons of contaminated water came into the basement of the hospital. The water was of such force that it bent metal doors and toppled bricks and other things that had been put in place, and crashed from building to the next — the basements are all interconnected. It began to knock out infrastructure for the hospital, eventually leaving the hospital without power or light.”

To watch the forum yourself, check out the embedded video above. For a more detailed account of how the NYC hospital system is recovering from Hurricane Sandy, click here.


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