The Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You Is Being Played at a Theater Near You

95478The Independent Film Project, Filmmaker Magazine, and the Museum of Modern Art join forces for the seventh annual “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You” series from Nov 15th through the 18th. On display at the MoMA, the series features the best five films from the festival circuit that have yet to be picked up and shown in public theaters.

Chosen by the higher ups at the staff of Filmmaker, as well as assistant curator in the MoMA’s department of film, Sophie Cavoulacos , these five films will compete for the title of best film.

In an announcement revealing the five nominees for Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near you,  Filmmaker editor Scott Macaulay said, “To select our five titles, we solicited recommendations from festival directors, surveyed our own viewing and curated five films currently without distribution deals, theatrical or small screen. They span films that premiered at Sundance as well as smaller regional or genre festivals, fiction films and documentary, and (relatively) straightforward narratives to experimental hybrids.”

The films being shown are: Eddie Mullins’ Doomsdays; Kevin Jerome Everson’s The Island of St. Matthews; Eliza Hittman’s It Felt Like Love; Aaron Douglas Johnston’s My Sister’s Quinceanera and Benjamin Greené’s Survival Prayer.

Located in MoMA’s Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2 a Q & A will follow the selected screening of the film.

Watch the trailer below for Eliza Hittman’s critically acclaimed film, It Felt Like Love, playing at the MoMA Friday November 15th and Sunday November 17th:

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