Charles Hynes’ Campaign: A Family Affair

HynesAs the polling in NYC is coming to a close the candidates are bringing out the big guns, and in the case of District Attorney Charles Hynes those are his daughters. Brooklyn News Service Reporter, Lauren Keating is on the scene at the Hynes campaign headquarters, where she reports that his daughter Jeanne Cook, and his two daughter-in-laws have been handing out flyers since 11 A.M. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Hynes was defeated in the Democratic primaries, and vowed to support Kenneth Thompson’s election. Shortly after he changed his mind, accusing Thompson of using corrupt campaign tactics. The accusations of Clarence Norman running the campaign among the most serious.

Hynes renewed his campaign for D.A. under the Republican/Conservative ticket, much to the dismay of many of his former backers. Hynes though was not dissuaded. His daughter told Keating, “18 percent of Brooklyn came out to vote for the Democratic election, and he felt that obviously it wasn’t the majority of Brooklyn voters and it’s his only chance to get his job back. He wants his job back.” This statement may resonate with voters in its simplicity.

Whether he wins the election he is a winner in his family’s eyes, “We know him personally, we love him, we know he’s a wonderful man with integrity,” says his daughters on this chill fall day.


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