Pedestrians vs Vehicles: Who Has The “Right of Way”

Around the boroughs of NYC some may have wondered what the bright orange outlines of bodies on the streets were. Under the cover of darkness, the community organization, “Right of Way Riders” rode over 50 miles and stenciled the outlines of eight children killed by bikes14n-3-webmotorists. They included the name of the victim and a plea of  “Why. Ray. Why?”

This plea is in response to the bikers perception that the pedestrian and biker are often blamed by the NYPD without a complete investigation.

Using commando tactics, they are attempting to bring to light the danger both pedestrians and bike riders have while navigating the busy city streets.  One of the organizers Keegan Stephan, 29 of Williamsburg told the Daily News, “Right now it seems like it’s not safe to be a child in the streets of this city.” Many New Yorker’s may agree. Often the tensions between bikers, cars and pedestrians can be very volatile. right of way

The trifecta of this tension came to a head in August when Sian Green, a British tourist enjoying the summer day had her leg severed while enjoying her time in NYC. A cab came out of nowhere jumping the curb and barreling into her. The cab driver claims a bicyclist beat on the hood of his cab causing him to lose control, while witness claims differ. The altercation seems to have happened but the cab responded aggressively to the bike and lost control as a result.

While the debate is open and there are many perspectives, the cyclists who honored the children though, while breaking the law made their point, loud and clear.


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