New York State Spends Big Money For Its Film Industry

introMore than ever, when strolling down a cobble stone street in Soho, pedestrians face large trailers and tents sheltering celebrities and snacks. For New Yorkers, maneuvering around these obstacles, seems like a frequent occurrence. Whether in lower Manhattan or in north Brooklyn, the flood of film making in New York City doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

With a whopping $420 million doled out to the New York film industry it’s no wonder that hundreds of movies and Television series have chosen the city for it’s setting.

According to records obtained by the Gannet Albany Bureau, New York has proven to be a leader in offering tax breaks for the industry. If centered in the city, certain films and shows, like HBO’s Sex and the City, and NBC’s Saturday Night Live, reap the benefits, granting exemptions for their contributions to the city.

Contributions that include the creation of jobs and stimulation of the economy are the driving factors in the huge breaks, though some argue that like the actual movie making that’s happening this week on Greene St, jobs are temporary.

Since taking office in 2011, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has drastically radicilized the industry in New York. With over 400 projects taking advantage of the state’s tax credits, Cuomo believes that this growth in film will add $2.2 billion to our economy as well as create 126, 150 new jobs.feature1

“We’ve created thousands of new jobs and generated billions of dollars in economic activity through the thriving film and television industries,” Cuomo said when discussing the benefits of the 30% tax credit program.

The Democrat and Chronicle reported that this program has been extended for five years though now the agency is required to make public how much money is going to each project.

While much of this money goes towards big productions like Law and Order and Hollywood blockbusters like Man on the Ledge, the list showing projects that received tax breaks, did include more independent films and shows.

View the list The Democrat and Chronicle posted.


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