Major Networks Increase Efforts For Ratings

As the summer comes to an end, the new television seasons start up again. As every year, major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox have a bundle of new shows on the air and with the addition of cable networks’ shows, the competition is high. To try to set themselves apart from the other networks, some have brought the advertising out of New Yorker’s TVs, magazines, and cellphones and brought them into their real lives.

Fox’s new series “Sleepy Hollow” has been being promoted since it’ announcement in May. There have been Headless Horsemen on the streets of Manhattan and walking around Times Square. Fox even recreated the set of the show in Madison Square Park, and invited visitors to be photographs stages a fight with the Horseman. They even went to other cities and appeared at state fairs. Fox also had weather forecasters at affiliated news stations perform in front of a green screen and do “headless” weather reports the day that the show premiered.

For their other series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, a show about a police precinct, Fox turned the Jay Street subway station into a vendor to give out free coffee and doughnuts. Their efforts did not go unrewarded, as both shows had good ratings.

The competition of networks to have high ratings has increased with the development of more cable networks and even Netflix series. Since there are now so many shows from different mediums that viewers have to choose from, networks must continue to try even harder to make sure that their shows culminate an audience.

To read more about the advertising efforts of major networks, click here.


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