The Glass Menagerie Returns to Broadway This Fall

Originally premiering The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts this particular iteration of Tennessee Williams’ four-character play is now set to premiere on Broadway’s Booth Theatre beginning September 26th.

The show is under a 17-week contract, ensuring that it will remain on stage until January 5th.

The reproduction of Williams’ play will be directed by John Tiffany and feature actors Cherry Jones as Amanda Wingfield, Zachary Quinto as Tom, Celia Keenan-Bolger as Laura, and Brian J. Smith as Jim.

This is not the first time The Glass Menagerie has been on Broadway. The original debut was in 1945 and has been subsequently revived five times after (the last having been in 2005).

The Glass Menagerie is set in St Louis in the 1930s and follows the story of the Wingfield family and the troubled relationship between an aging, overbearing mother Amanda andher frail daughter Laura. It is told in recalled memories by Tom Wingfield, who is torn between his obligation to his mother and sister and his desire to break away from them.



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