Condition Critical “Operational Hazard” Artwork Revealed

New Jersey thrash metal band Condition Critical posted the artwork to their debut album “Operational Hazard” Wednesday via the band’s official Facebook page.

The album features artwork from legendary artist Ed Repka, who is most known for his album cover art  for Megadeth. Repka has drawn artwork for nearly every band in the thrash metal genre and has also done magazine covers for Fangoria as well as toy lines.

The controversial artwork features a zombie nurse behind a sadistic deformed doctor disemboweling a screaming patient on the operating table, perfect for any fan of Repka’s art and horror movie fans alike.

Condition Critical is planning to embark on their first tour from July 18 to early August. Killing Session (Ohio) and Insinnerator (TX) will be joining them on the road.  Condition Critical’s original drummer Ryan Donato will not be joining them on the tour. Replacing him will be Dimitry Tebenkov. Tour dates have not been posted yet.

The album is slated to be released during sumer 2013.

“Operational Hazard” was recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL during 2012 and contains eight original songs by the four piece band. The tracklisting and artwork can be viewed below.

Tracklisting for “Operational Hazard:”

1. Random Acts of Killing
2. Parasitic Torment
3. Morning Sickness
4. Sector 16
5. Shock Therapy
6. Gravitational Dismemberment
7. Surgical Malpractice
8. Dr. Criti-Kill



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