In Asthma Awareness Month – Where Is the Awareness?

I find all the health articles but to narrow an angle for a new story is like pulling teeth. At first I wanted to do an article on Mayor Michael Bloomberg being active on health issues in New York City such as obesity, smoking, Plan B pill for students.

I ended up deciding I wanted my final article to be about asthma. May is asthma awareness. I don’t know if this is bias or not but of the 24 years I’ve had asthma I never heard of an asthma organization in New York City that has a walk or anything for that matter. It’s not taught to you in school. There are no walks like they have for AIDS or breast cancer. Asthma can be life-threatening. I was hospitalized for it at the age of 8. The treatments, hospital and doctors visits can become costly. Why can’t more money be raised?

I found an article by Brian Bienkowski, that talks about the study done in NYC that connects bpa and childhood asthma. There was data and other sources that provided evidence. Why is this disease not discussed often?

Here are the articles I’ve read and referred to in this blog:



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