The Famous Chris Christie Fleece

If you didn’t know who Chris Christie was pre-Hurricane Sandy, you sure knew who he was during the aftermath. The name doesn’t ring a bell? He’s the guy that seemed to have that same navy blue fleece with his name and title, Governor, written on it (in case you forgot who he was) in every appearance he made…almost every day.

The fleece became the face of New Jersey Governor Christie. It was clear everyone had something to say about it, and he even joined in on the remarks by poking fun of himself on an episode of Saturday Night Live on November 17, 2012, saying that the fleece was “basically fused to his skin at this point.”

Two days ago, a parody video about his fleece was released. The video shows Christie’s life spiraling downhill once he loses it. New Jersey icons Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi shrug him off and politicians refuse to meet with him when he’s not wearing that infamous fleece. While I won’t credit him for being a native born Hollywood comedian, I give the politician a thumbs up at being able to laugh at himself. Check the video out yourself to decide whether he shouldn’t quit his day job or not.


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