Tom Wheeler an FCC Question Mark

Tom Wheeler is indeed the man who could control your digital life. If his nomination is confirmed, he’ll hold an incredible array of power within the media industry. He literally controls signals for internet connections, smartphones and television. He’ll have the final say over everything.

Of course, they wouldn’t just give this job to anybody and Wheeler certainly has the experience to take the role, but the uncertainty in exactly where he’ll lie with his power and his intentions with it remain to be seen and to be fair, everyone does have a right to be concerned.

He has shown sympathy towards giant corporations before if you remember his statements after T-Mobile laid off employees last year. What also stands out is the fact that he did lobby for big businesses. One doesn’t just do that. There has to be a reason for it.

The fact that one industry source said “[Wheeler] has money and is old” can be interpreted in two ways: he’s either too weak to know what’s going on in the progressing media industry as it’s known today or he’s rich enough to do what he wants and not pay the consequences.

Other people don’t see the experienced side of Wheeler and they’re entitled to those opinions surely. It’s no secret that Wheeler has his critics, but the best part of moving on up to a job that spearheads a bigger platform is the perfect chance to prove everybody wrong and that he is indeed the right man for the job.

Controversies can and will come up during his time as FCC Chairman, but it’s how you handle disagreements and find solutions that you want to be remembered for and Wheeler has the potential to do good things.


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