Sex Trafficking To A Stop


A prostitution ring that operated across New York and New Jersey was broken up Tuesday and caused 13 men and women to be charged for sex trafficking.

All of the sex slaves were Mexican women who were misled into coming to the United States under the false impression that they were about to have a better life. The victims were forced to have sex up to 30 times a day, according to Newsday.  Brothels took place in Yonkers, Queens and even Delaware and Maryland. Customers were charged up to $35 to have sex with the women. The victims were threatened with violence if they did not comply. Authorities recently discovered that women were being taken to farms in New Jersey to have sex with dozen of workers for free. Whatever money the women earned were taken back from the sex traffickers.

According to Daily Mail, sex slaves were forced to take pills that made them miscarry if believed to be pregnant and also take birth control pills and use condoms.  Some of the sex traffickers may face life in prison and those arrested were already kicked out the U.S. before but came back undetected after destroying GPS government issued tracking systems

Sex trafficking has been an issue worldwide and there are plenty of organizations who fight towards putting it all to an end. According to, 70% of female victims are forced into the sex trade. Victims are fed with lies of a better life so they are then transferred to the U.S. and put into abusive sexual situations. Police are cracking down on putting human trafficking to a stop, and there are hotlines for citizens to call if they come across a victim.


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