Phoenix House Accused of Paying Outrageous Executive Perks

Multiple facilities for drug and alcohol addiction treatment are under fire, as Phoenix Houses, are accused of paying over and above executive perks to their higher employees.

Phoenix Houses of New York has a long tradition in treatment, and exists in 10 states, with over 150 treatment houses for individuals wishing to recover from addictions.

According to Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, employees were paid off with outrageous bonuses which included such perks as new cars for their executives.

In the time being examined by the state, Phoenix House received $8.5 million in state aid for treatment and they are now being accused of shelling out $223,000 of that in inappropriate perks. Including a $4,000 Wal-Mart shopping spree where an administrating assistant used a gift card to purchase cigarettes, weight loss supplements and you guessed it…booze, with funds intended to treat people battling alcoholism.

The employee, from the Yorktown Phoenix House, had tried to hand in false receipts to cover the actual purchases, as she also worked at Wal-Mart and received a discount.

With the looming audit to come, Phoenix Houses around the country, who are fully committed to the treatment of drug, alcohol and gambling addiction may have their names tarnished due to the fringe benefits of executives.


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