New York Non-Profit is Awarded Pulitzer Prize.

A small non profit underdog was bestowed with the honor of taking home one of the most prestigious awards in journalism, the Pulitzer prize in national reporting, Last Monday.

InsideClimate News, a Brooklyn based, web only non-profit publication which focuses on environmental causes and ecological threats were honored with the award for their investigative coverage of the shortcomings and dangerous flaws found within our nations pipeline regulations.

Notably, their coverage of the Enbridge spill in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River and their coverage on diluted bitumen, which is a ecologically harmful and controversial form of oil.

This non-profit, funded mainly by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, has no office and eight full time reporters, but their mission, “to produce clear, objective stories that give the public and decision-makers the information they need to navigate the heat and emotion of climate and energy debates.” proved successful. Proving, you don’t need the budget and resources of a large, high end, established publication to create great journalism.

Alongside marquee names like The Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, InsideClimate news got the recognition they deserved, which will likely increase their potential to do even more.

Score one for the little guys at this years Pulitzers.


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