Albany Takeover

ImageProtestors Outside Capital on Monday

Ever since Governor Cuomo’s reformation of the Women’s Equality Act, including the New York abortion bill, there has been a lot of controversy and Monday protestors marched to Albany to make a change.

The pro-life group protested to put a stop to the expansion of abortion rights. According to Press Connects, the group wants to allow lawmakers the chance to evaluate the bills and give young women and girls the chance to face crisis pregnancies with the help they need. Hundreds of protestors held up signs that read “Can’t We Love Them Both?” and held a candlelight watch outside the state Capitol. The protestors included people from old and young and of all different races showing support and seeking change.

After Cuomo’s State of the State speech in January, New Yorkers for Life, and other anti-abortion groups, have brought on a lot of uproar and controversy to his changes. Other attributes to the proposed 10-point Equality Act includes equal pay for women and stricter consequences for sexual harassment, and enacting the Reproduction Health Act (RHA).

No matter what happens, there is still going to be an issue between both sides when it comes down to the topic of abortion and women’s reproduction rights. The tension remains so thick and though Cuomo is trying hard to give women the help they deserve, someone is always going to be satisfied.




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