Whole Foods teams up with Gotham Greens

The organic supermarket retailer Whole foods plans to open their first Brooklyn store in cooperation with one of New York’s local organic agriculturalists, Gotham Greens. This would make it a first for a commercial-scale greenhouse to be attached to a supermarket and leads as an example for locally grown produce as archdaily.com reports.


The new store is in construction in Gowanus, scheduled to be open this fall. The greenhouse will be paid for by Gotham Greens. 20,000 square feet of space will be available for the growers in the state of the art greenhouse on the rooftop of the supermarket. Whole Foods will then purchase its produce from the local grower. According to Christina Minardi, Northeast Regional President of Whole Foods Whole Foods has been Gotham Greens customer since 2011. As Minardi told archdaily.com, “We’re particularly excited to partner with a local organization with roots right here in Brooklyn and a mission in line with our own, in that we both care deeply about providing local, fresh and sustainably produced food.”


This partnership has many advantages because it virtually eliminates the long-distance food transport, thus avoiding emissions.



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