Two Must See Concerts to Take Place in NYC on 4/20

This April 20th will not just be the ludicrous “holiday” known as “national marijuana day” for New Yorkers, it will also be a day for metal as both Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies will be playing – separately.

Irving Plaza will feature legendary thrashers Anthrax on their “Metal Alliance Tour” with support from Exodus, Shadows Fall (who is replacing High on Fire this date), Municipal Waste and Holy Grail. In addition to this lineup Anthrax will be playing their 1987 classic album “Among the Living” in its entirety and will be joined by Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais for the tour.

The Best Buy Theater on the other hand, will host crossover icons Suicidal Tendencies first New York City show in three years. Supporting Suicidal Tendencies will be D.R.I. and Sick Of It All for a night of hardcore justice. The bands will be playing classic set lists as well as some new songs from their upcoming releases.

The Anthrax concert is reportedly sold out, but a second New York City date has been added for April 21st at Irving Plaza as well. 

Venues occasionally tend to release a certain amount of tickets during the sale dates of events and distribute the remaining tickets on the day of the events, so it is possible to still get a ticket for the Anthrax concert on the 20th. 

This is a predicament that tends to happen in every city all over the world. Several concerts with strong billings tend to be booked at the same time. Since cloning and time travel are impossible, fans of all options have to choose which one they are going to see. These decisions are made through deciding which lineup is more worth watching, price range, and various others.

If fans can’t make up their minds in time, they may end up sitting home and writing blog posts.




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