Motherhood on Rikers

According to the New York Daily News, the Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project, allows imprisoned mothers and moms-to-be to write songs for their babies and it will help them avoid any future criminal acts.

This project started last year fall and has been a great breakthrough for the women who reside in Rikers Island. When they arrive to prison, the women are often already pregnant and wonder what will become of their children while they serve their time. Rikers Island has a nursery within its prison for the women to watch their babies reach one year. The nursery has cribs, rocking chairs, and the mothers are able to feed and play with their children. So far there have been seven babies born in Rikers Island, according to New York Daily News.

The babies stay at the Rose M. Singer center, which is the women’s jail facility. The objective of this project is to help women develop maternal bonds so they avoid crimes in the future through song writing. The motivation to see their young babies grow into healthy children and be beside them every step of the way is often written within the lyrics of the lullabies. The songs are then transformed into a professionally designed lullaby with music added on.

Motherhood is greatly associated with being a woman, and sometimes it is not always a happy story. For the women in jail, they have the chance to make their lives better by nursing their baby for one year and making the decision on how to stay out of jail for the sake of their children.


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