Will Open-Access Publishing Break the Darwinist Stranglehold?

The title alone makes the article interesting. The article states that, “Open access is coming and it has science journal editors nervously examining the tips of their shoes. It’s going to change the way scientists publish their findings. Individuals won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to subscribe to high-impact print journals, like Nature and Science, because the information will be available instantly online. Peer review won’t have to precede publication; colleagues can rate papers after publication.”

Open Access  represents the interests of Open Access  journal and book publishers globally in all scientific, technical and scholarly disciplines. The idea of ‘Open Access’ does not sound bad but the feedback  from scientist suggests otherwise. According to the article,  “Open access also has a moral imperative behind it. Advocates argue that findings of publicly funded research should be publicly available. Why should a private company own information that taxpayers paid for? Why should a government agency keep scientific discoveries behind a pay wall? Since scientists do peer review for free, why should the journal make all the money? The profit margin for some high-impact journals is well above 30%, sometimes 40-50%.”

It all comes down to the business aspect of it all.


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