Harlequin Cleared In Royalty Case

Harlequin has been cleared by the courts in a case filed by three authors who claimed the publisher did not pay them all the royalties they were due on e-books covered under contracts signed between 1990 and 2004.

Every time I look into the publishing business, I’m taken back but the number of feuds that tak place in the ndustry. First off, 3-4% royalty on eBook cover prices is freaking robbery and Harlequin should be ashamed of themselves. Statements like “Harlequin prides itself on being a place where over 1,200 authors find opportunities to publish,” make  me really upset, as if Harlequin was doing authors a favor by publishing their books.

The article states that, “The publisher said, in a release about the decision, was dropped after the plaintiffs `failed to state a claim.’ The authors claimed that they were owed a 50% royalty on net receipts of digital editions, and not 3% to 4% of the cover price. Harlequin countered that the authors were being given the correct royalty, as defined in their contracts. Now, that is sick! So, it’s the authors’ fault if they knew the royalty they were going to get was 3-4%? Why are the authors trying to say otherwise?


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