And the Sick Leave Debate Ends? No, it Continues…

The site  precisely copied Speaker of the City Council Christine Quinn’s mayoral campaign page. Earlier today, it proclaimed that Quinn acknowledged that it was finally “time for a vote” on the paid sick days bill.

“Let’s bring the bill to the floor of the City Council, debate it in the light of day, and vote,” said Quinn in the statement.

It was a hoax. A prank.

In recent weeks, several of the mayoral candidates have voiced their opinions regarding the paid sick leave bill, which would require businesses comprised of more than five employees to grant each five annual paid sick days.

For a few years now, Quinn has blocked a vote on this bill. According to the New York Times, Quinn said that in general, she is in favor of paid sick leave. However, she reasoned her decision to push off a vote on the bill by stating that it may have damaging effects in times of economic instability.

The email gave another mayoral candidate, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a good laugh. A short while after this site was made public, de Blasio’s campaign sent out a short statement applauding the pranksters.

“Consider us had. We thought after three long years of blocking paid sick days, the million New Yorkers who need them were finally going to get a break,” campaign spokesman Dan Levitan said in the statement Whoever is behind this may have an odd sense of humor, but they do have better judgment for what’s right for New Yorkers than Speaker Quinn.”

Crain’s New York said that City Comptroller John Liu, another mayoral candidate, also spoke against Quinn.

“There’s no conclusive research that the sick leave act is detrimental to the economy,” he said at a mayoral forum in Harlem a couple of weeks ago, according to Crain’s.

Bill Thompson said that he favored the idea of paid sick leave, but has not yet taken a stance on the actual bill. At the mayoral forum, Tom Allon said he supported the bill, but said that tax credits for small businesses should accompany the bill to help them with the costs.

When analyzing each of their statements, the mayoral candidates seem to have similar opinions on this issue after all. Regardless of their statements and actions relating to the bill, they seem to be in favor of paid sick leave.

Anyways, the prank gave me a good laugh too.


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  1. […] couple of weeks ago, a counterfeit site proclaimed that Quinn said it was finally time to vote on the sick leave bill. That turned out to be a hoax, but this time, it’s real, at least […]

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