Animal Antibiotics Bill Introduced

ImageCongress has recently introduced the bill against antibiotics misuse, requiring more data on the use of antibiotics given to animals raised for human consumption, as a response to the growing concern of overuse.The bill was introduced in February 28 by U.S. Representatives Louise Slaughter of New York and Henry Waxman of California. The reason behind this bill is centered around the concern that people will eventually develop a resistance to antibiotics as a result from consuming animals that have been regularly given doses of the medicine. This would leave millions immune to the treatments used to combat illness such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, and parasitic diseases.According to the 2012 Meat on Drugs Consumer Report, animals such as pigs, cows and chickens unnecessarily are given high amounts of antibiotics to enhance their growth. This new bill will attempt to rectify this problem by allowing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the levels of antibiotics, preventing misuse and overuse administered to animals, ensuring consumer’s safety.


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